Accelerate Your Growth 3X Times, Live Your Dream Life
01 Hour

5 Day Workshop on Growth Mastery

-Are you working on tasks while your dreams are tucked safely in your mind and your heart?
- Is the uncertainty of the future making you anxious?
-Do you believe other people or circumstances are not letting you achieve your dreams?
-Do you think you give up even before attempting, assuming you are bound to fail?
-Have you ever felt that the people around you can’t understand your true potential?
-Do you feel you deserve more in life, but you are not able to get it because of luck or just because of procrastination?

 If any of the above sounds like you, chances are you never created a growth plan for your life or maybe you simply didn’t know where to start.  

 According to several studies, most people love to plan their vacations, their next car, their new home but fail to plan their life.

The result, they end up spending their whole life doing things they don’t like, working on jobs they don’t resonate with, living with partners they don’t share the same values with.

This is not because they don’t want to have a happy or fulfilled life. They simply don’t have the roadmap for creating long term happiness and fulfillment.  

                                                                                                 I was also there.  

Fresh out of my engineering college, I had dreams. I was ready to put in the efforts required. I felt with hard work and will power I would get results I could love. I kept working in one direction or the other. I achieved some results as well.

However, something was always missing. I felt a strong void in everything I was getting. I asked for help but it seems no one had an answer.

They would say, “What makes you feel this way. You have everything.”  Yes I had everything, but something was missing.

There was a constant feeling of winning on the outside and loosing on the inside.  

It took me over a decade of research and failures, before I understood the mistakes, I was making in doing one task after another using will power and hard work. I had the will but I was not skilled enough to achieve my dream life.

I wanted something, but I didn’t know exactly what. The result was dissatisfaction.  

I lacked purpose and vision for my future. I was constantly blaming my environment and my capabilities for not being able to achieve fulfillment.  Until I came across techniques that were never taught to me earlier. I learned from Mentors and Coaches across the globe. I went through hundreds of courses and books in search of answers.  

These were life changing techniques which helped me define the purpose of my life. I no longer need motivation, the right mood or will power to work.  

Even on days when nothing seems to be working, I am able to continue doing my work and achieving the results I need. But, I was able to do this only after I understood the dynamics of how exactly Goals work and how I can program my mind instead of letting my mind program me.  

Once I was able to produce these results for myself and others, I decided to share it with the world.  

So I came up with 5 days “GROWTH MASTERY WORKSHOP, to help you achieve results which you never thought were possible.

This is the most comprehensive workshop that you would ever come across.  

What You Will Learn:  

-What makes Growth Mastery important in your life?
-Audit your life
-Find your life purpose
-Why motivation, will-power and hard work are not enough to help you achieve your goals?
-Find your goals
-Why self-love is important in life?
-How to re-program your subconscious mind to work towards achieving your goals?
-How to rise beyond your current circumstances to create the success you deserve?


Day 1: Growth Mastery Foundation  
Day 2: Purpose Mastery  
Day 3: Goals Mastery  
Day 4: Action Mastery  
Day 5: Self Love Mastery  

-People seeking growth in their professional or personal life
-People ready to take charge of their life and align to their life purpose and goals
-Business owners
-Self-employed professionals
-Aspiring achievers  

-Create a Growth Map for yourself
-Understand your purpose and the values driving you
-Accelerate your Growth
-Accelerate Personal Growth
-Build a Growth Mindset
-Attract success
-Learn the art of achieving goals
-Master the art of self-love and compassion
-Overcome anxiety issues  

Program Language: Hindi + Simple English    


5 Days  * 2 Hours Each

When: 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18 July

TIME: 8 pm IST - 10 pm IST


Mode: Zoom Calls + Worksheets

What's included:

- 5 Days Live Sessions - INR 10,000/-
- Worksheets - INR 500/-
- 3 One-to-One Coaching Calls - 5000 * 3 = INR 15000/-

- Access to Private Mastermind Group - Priceless
- Access to Facebook Community - Priceless
- Ebook - Priceless

TOTAL VALUE -  INR 25,500/-

Don't miss the ONCE in a LIFETIME offer. 


Live Workshop

5 Days Live Workshop
Held over zoom
10, 11 July and16,17,18 July 2021
8-10 pm IST

WORTH INR 10,000/-



Worksheets and Assignments to be completed before each session

WORTH in INR 500/-


Coaching Calls

3 * One-to-one coaching calls with Pratishtha Bhalla that would help you address your personal issues

WORTH INR 15,000/-

"The vision of the course is to help 100,000 people unleash their hidden potential, grow beyond their current challenges and live a Purposeful and Vibrant Life"

Pratishtha Bhalla

Pratishtha Bhalla is the Founder and Creator of Anxiety Free Leader. She helps leaders crippled by chronic anxiety and panic attacks live an anxiety free life and lead with Power and Confidence.

Her book Rub & Write – It’s Destiny is an Amazon Bestseller.

She is an ICF Certified Deep Transformation Coach. She is also an Internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, and a Certified Mindfulness Coach.

Her online courses have touched the lives of over 1700+ students across 90+ countries.

 Her unique result oriented coaching techniques has helped several individuals find breakthrough in their life and achieve results.

She is on a Mission to help 1 Million Leaders, live an Anxiety Free Life and Lead with Power by 2028, using her signature program - "From Panicked Leader to Power Leader."

Follow her on:

Instagram: @coachpratishthabhalla

Youtube: Pratishtha Bhalla

Facebook: Pratishtha Bhalla



This year has taken its toll on many, including myself and Coach Pratishtha was there to guide me through this difficult period. She specifically tailored her programs to fit my needs, encouraged me to grow out of the negative mindset that I was in and even helped me work through some past memories that I needed to deal with. I see her as a mentor and a phenomenal life coach who has genuine care for people. I am and will always be grateful for her.

Liyana Al Abdul Salam

 She comes across as a confident person with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I also have attended couple of her training sessions and found them to be very insightful. The content, method of delivery, keeping participants engaged through out the session is impeccable. She has hands on experience about her role and she have an excellent eye for detail. 

Major Sumeet Chhibber
HR Specialist

Pratishtha helped me at a time when I was very low in my career. She helped me imagine the true essence of what I aimed for and clearly mesmerized me with her technique of looking into the future i wanted for myself. I cannot thank her enough for the help she provided me at a time when I was really low in my career and personal life.

Sameer Mirani
Senior Staff Consultant - Nagarro

Pratishtha is truly an amazing personality with a golden heart. Her eagerness to help others makes her stand out from the crowd. She is brilliant in coaching, and guiding people to achieve their goals. She helps in getting clarity of your thoughts and vision very beautifully. Professionally and Personally, both, she is wonderful.

Sumedha Madaan
Psychology Student

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a live course. Recordings would not be available for now.

You can ask your doubts at the end of every live session. Just make a list of questions and we will be happy to answer.

The workshop requires your commitment and a will to change your life. If you are extremely comfortable with your present state and don't want to change or work towards growing to the next level, this course is not right for you.

This workshop is only meant for people who are ready to commit and work towards improving your life. We don't offer quick fixes. We offer step by step process to help you initiate a change in your life.

We have made the amazing course keeping you in mind. We hope you will love the course. In case you are not satisfied with the course after attending for all five days, you can let us know and we will return your money . We would not like to keep your money if you don't like the course.

This is an exclusive introductory offer. This product would never be available at this price again. The nominal price is charged to ensure you commit to attending the entire five days of the program. There is no upsell for this program. We do have several other programs and you may choose to attend them as per your discretion.

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